Back in the UK

Heading back to the UK (we’re Netherlands based if you didn’t know) for the UK Games Expo from May 31st until June 2nd. While we do not have a booth this year, if you are looking to meet and test the upcoming game you are welcome to pop over to the playtest area on Sunday […]

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AI and I

The march of progress. Endless, limitless, unstoppable! Even without the presence of humanity, nature will progress at it’s own pace. It is strange to see both sides at the same time for this though. On one hand I use this new technology to improve my workflow. Midjourney, for all the controversy, enables me to sketch

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First Things First

First update, but is it an update if there is nothing before it? No time for philosophy! If you are reading this, then, why? This is mostly for me to test things and see if all this stuff actually works. The company has begun, and if you want to know what that means then check

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