About Us


A couple of idiots that think they can make things creatively despite all coming from engineering and science backgrounds. But then again, board games are just Systems Engineering with cardboard.


We make board and tabletop games and things. We make what we want, just like the title. We have no specific focus except that it must be worth making. The world’s resources are finite, and so only the best we can do should be produced.


In a small city in The Netherlands, called Utrecht. 


Because, despite what people may believe, engineers have feelings too. We needed a creative outlet that involved less spreadsheets and computer screens.

The other reason is we are not happy with how things are done right now. Too much is focused on making products rather than innovation or sustainability.


Sustainability! Get used to hearing and seeing this everywhere on our things. It is the second reason this company exists. To try to find a better way to make and produce things we enjoy. The current model of “Buy and Ship from China” does not sit with us.

We have ambitious plans. Probably far too ambitious. But the goal is to print and produce on the continent that the product is needed, in a sustainable way. European production will come first to us, as this is our home.

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