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Is it really necessary to get in contact? Really? Is your question that urgent you must use valuable resources to send a message? Time is money after all, and we have almost no money, so not sure where that leaves us with time?

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Frequently Annoying Questions

And other things people ask us

This is a dumb question. If you click on the word “Games” at the top, you will see this. You can also click here if you are being taxed on the distance your mouse moves in a day.

The perfect combination of British wit and cynicism combined with Australian tact, and the Dutch propensity to be as blunt as a brick with their words.

That’s unfortunate…for you. If you require assistance with processing this disappointment you can find help over on this page.

Sure, go ahead. Use the contact page. Alternatively you can Google the game and the word “bgg” to see if the question has already been asked and answered over on

Get in contact, through the Contact page. I usually prefer a drink before discussing a relationship with someone, but will pass this time.

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