We want to make games that tell unique stories. These might not always be pleasant, or fun stories. But we believe sometimes they are important to tell. That doesn’t mean our games won’t be fun though!

We focus on modern issues, toxic or controversial culture, or things that we find fascinating. This could be the state of our modern politics, the use of gratuitous violence, or how to tackle things such as climate change or human rights.

This means you might not like our stuff, and that’s okay. But if this sounds interesting, then stay a while. Either way, we hope that when you finish a game you feel like your mind is a little different, for better or worse.


Sustainability. We like it. It is what drove us to start working on things in the first place. We are not happy with how things are made or produced, or marketed. 

We follow the footstoeps of some bigger companies that have started to push through with this change, and make sure what we make and deliver is always as sustainable and climate positive as it can.

Also means we don’t do consumerist focused products. No stretch goal miniature dumps here folks. That also means we might not print more than a limited run of a certain product. If we believe it is only worth making a few thousand copies, then that is all we will make.


Yeah, so art and aesthetics doesn’t rhyme, get off my back about it! We are all about that art, baby. We aim to make sure everything we make is as aesthetically beautiful as it can be. Not because we are art snobs, but  because we should!

Games are for our brains what music is for your ears, and paintings are for your eyes. You play with your brain, your hands, your eyes, and even your ears. So we believe in making things as beautiful as we can, using real human beings, real artists. We’ve come too far as a species to cheap out now on our culture, just for a quick buck.

And if you think games aren’t an aesthetic medium, then this is not the place for you. Go back to your beige board games please.

Next Upcoming Project

Two lousy, cheating, no-good gamblers decide that there is no solution but violence to solve their dispute, in an old-fashioned duel over money and cards. Players will be trading shots across town, hoping to avoid their own 6-foot hole in the ground. But really, there are no winners in a fight to the death…

This game focuses on deck and hand management. Players will need to be mindful of what they use and when, as their carefully constructed card machines slowly fall apart, turn-by-turn, shot-by-shot, until both players are a ragged mess, just trying to outlast the other. If you like deck and hand management games, then you might enjoy this. Highly confrontational though, with themes of violence and aggression.

  • 2 Player head-to-head duel
  • Deck management
  • Hand Management
  • Artistic exploration of violence and aggression

Game design by Michael Hardacre

Art & Graphic Design by Rolands Revenge

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