Two lousy, cheating, no-good gamblers decide that there is no solution but violence to resolve their dispute, in an old-fashioned duel over cards and of course money. Players will be trading shots across town, hoping to avoid their own 6-foot hole in the ground. But really, there are no winners in a fight to the death…

Rattlesnake is a 2-player duelling game about two gambling, no-good-drunk, card game aficionados in a old western style town. You have accused each other of cheating, proved you were both cheating, started fighting, and are now locked in a duel to the bitter end. Figthing over a card game seems silly, but when there is money on the line, people do silly things

If you like deck and hand management games, then you might enjoy this. Highly confrontational though, with themes of violence and aggression. IT should be obvious, it is a fight to the death. Read more about this quick-paced and innovative card game on it's dedicated page.

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Quockerwodger (noun) – A wooden toy figure that jerks its limbs when a string is pulled.

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