The (slow) march of progress…

Progress on A Fistful of Paper is ongoing, and there will be a prototype available for testing at the UK Games Expo 2024 for those who are interested.


Mechanically speaking, the game is on the home straight. Just a couple of small issues and bugs being ironed out each time a playtest is done. There are a lot more eyes looking at it now and things are coming to a point. I don’t expect much more development to happen here.

Art and UI

*big breath in* Okay this is the tough one. Art style is an ongoing discussion and a point of contention still. Luckily I know some very talented artists and creative people who don’t have filters, so they are just brutal when they tell you what’s wrong. That’s good! But there is a fair amount of work to do, and some things still aren’t decided. That’s bad. The plan is to have something a little more concrete for the UKGE tests so we can gauge real human being feedback, rather than just forcing our captive golbins to run simulations endlessly. They work, but you get a bit tired of the “we finished for the day, can we see the sun now”? Next they’ll want a union or something ridiculous!

Other News

Other designs are in the works still, and progress is….there. The main focus and energy is on A Fistful of Paper for now though. Once we have that in the final stages and the rest is starting up, then the design focus can shift again.

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