Back in the UK

Heading back to the UK (we’re Netherlands based if you didn’t know) for the UK Games Expo from May 31st until June 2nd. While we do not have a booth this year, if you are looking to meet and test the upcoming game you are welcome to pop over to the playtest area on Sunday morning between 0900 and 1200, i repeat, Sunday morning between 0900 and 1200, to have a go there. I (Michael) shall be there running willing idiots through the gauntlet that is the current game. You could also come by just to yell your abuse to my face, rather than through an email I can delete. Whatever floats your boat. But what is the current game I hear you scream? Yes, I can hear you. No, I do not work for the FBI.


Two lousy, cheating, no-good gamblers decide that there is no solution but violence to resolve their dispute, in an old-fashioned duel over cards and of course money. Players will be trading shots across town, hoping to avoid their own 6-foot hole in the ground. But really, there are no winners in a fight to the death…

Currently, there are a lot of undecided things about it (including the name, and some rules). But, thanks to the amazing, hard work by Roland MacDonald (known for such games as Ruthless, Final Girl, and the whole, flippin’ Undaunted series!) there is a collection of absolutely stunning, non-traditional, western setting artwork floating around. It’s got guns, a horse, some guy with a beard, plus more! If you also follow both myself, and his socials you would have gotten a bunch of sneak peeks already at some of the cards. Let’s just say it is definitely worth checking that out if you haven’t already. At the very least, you should be following Roland’s Instagram page to see all his latest works. The guy is good at what he does! It just comes with a whole serving of cynical Brit, so you have to know how to deal with that.

No more updates until post UKGE I believe. I have a life, and a wife, and both are demanding. Just don’t tell her I said that….

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